Buy & Sell WoW Accounts FAQ

Lifetime Warranty

After a number of years in this business and the horror that we have seen with people lying about recalls, we have decided that we are no longer giving our the Secret Question/Answer to an account. So, to balance things out, we are now giving out a lifetime warranty on ALL of our accounts sold on or after 03/19/2013. When you buy an account now, you will get the login and password to the account only. If you need your password reset at any time, you just contact us and we will reset it for you.

You must attach an authenticator to the account within 2 weeks of the date of purchase in order for the lifetime warranty to be valid (this will also cut down on the need for password resets due to IP changes).

Please note that we do not aid in name change services. Our warranty only covers the account in the condition that it was sold to you. If you wish to name change the name on the account, you will have to find another account elsewhere because we have only seen name changes bring bans and dated account locks that we are not going to fumble through because of a reckless decision made by the buyer. This may seem harsh, but we only want to protect our clients!

Payment Plan Information -- Accounts Over $1500 ONLY

Payment plans are broken up into 3 identical payments. The first payment is made upfront for 1/3 of the total amount due. The next payment is made a month later and the final payment made a month after that. You will receive the login and password to the account after the first payment is made. Once the final payment is made, you will be able to add an authenticator to the account. Please note that during the entire payment plan process, you will be covered under the Lifetime Warranty.

Payment plans are a privilege and must be recognized as such. You are solely responsible for making on time payments and will not be notified of when your payments are due. If your payment is a day late, the account will be taken back until the payment is made. If the payment is three days late and no contact has been made, the account will be permanently taken back and any money paid in will be deemed restitution for the value depreciation of the account.

If you enter into a payment plan with, you will be sent a form that you need to fill out in its entirety and e-mail back to us. This form is a binding legal contract and by not adhereing to the contents of the contract, you may lose the account and the funds you have paid in thus far.

Accepted Payment Methods For Account Purchases

Credit/Check Cards With Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express Logos

We have partnered with to accept Credit/Debit cards directly on our site. We are currently set up to accept any card with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, or Dinner's Club logo.

When purchasing an account from us, all you have to do is click the 'Buy Now' button for the account you want to buy. You will then have to create a new customer record. Once that new customer record is complete, you can enter in your payment information and finish purchasing the account.

Western Union / Moneygram (International/Domestic)

If you choose this option, please deduct $50 from the total amount you are sending. We do this to help with the outrageous fees that Western Union and Moneygram charge.

Bank Wire Transfer (International/Domestic)

Bank Wire Transfers normally take 5-7 business days to clear. Once the payment has cleared, you will receive the information for the account.

Refund / Return Policy

We DO NOT accept returns on any accounts purchased through our site. Once the account information is distributed to you (the buyer), any return would risk the security of the account given that the information has already been shared with another individual that is not the Original Owner or the people operating this site.

We DO NOT provides refunds in the form of cash or credit back to your payment method that was used in your original purchase. That being said, if your account has been recalled and we have concluded that it was indeed recalled, then you will be given compensation in the form of store credit or a new account.

How To Sell An Account To Us

Note #1: We only pay out via Paypal. We do not use anything else.

Note #2: We only purchase accounts that come directly from the Original Owner.

(1) Click the link on the top of the page that says "Sell Accounts" and then choose which game account you want to sell.

(2) Fill-in each blank with appropriate information for your account.

(3) You will receive contact from us within 24 hours if we have an interest in your account. Please note that we get over 50 quote forms per day and do not have the manpower do respond back each one individually.

(4) If you do receive a response back stating that we will purchase your account, you will be sent a form that you will be asked to complete and e-mail back to us. Once the form has been received, we will place a phone call to you and verify your identity. After your identity has been confirmed, we will change the information on the account and verify the account in-game. Once that has been done, your payment will be sent to the Paypal e-mail that you specified.

Products / Services Sold By (Disclaimer)

When you purchase an account from, you are purchasing the time invested in the account to achieve high achievement points, rare mounts, rare titles, and high-end gear. You are paying for nothing more than that.

Undisclosed Personal Information Personal Assurance

Many account resellers pass on the identification to the new buyer that you e-mail into them as a part of the selling process. We do not! We understand that identify theft is a very real threat and we take every precaution to protect your identity.

If a buyer ever does request that your idenfication card be passed on to them, we will ALWAYS consult with you first to let you know what is going on and to get your permission for passing on your identification. We always want to protect our clients!